A Remarkable Small-Group Expedition for Alaska’s Optimum Wilderness Experience
Dates Available: July – August
Trip Duration: 5 nights, 6 days
Group Size: 2-4
Price: $5,500




This multi-destination tour will give you a well-rounded experience of the Alaskan outdoors. Walruses haul-out on distant shores near our remote Alaskan cabin every summer, resting in between their quests of foraging for food. These sociable creatures bellow and snort at one another while basking in the sun in a herd of hundreds. In addition to walrus viewing, you will spend time at our remote campsite at the Steelhead Creek.  Enjoy some first-class Alaskan beach combing, and keep your eyes open for Japanese glass floats washed up from the Bering Sea! We recommend you bring your fly rod for some relaxing, unguided, fishing along the bountiful Steelhead Creek! This is your chance to simply immerse in nature and experience the great Alaska outdoors.

We are committed in ensuring that we do not disturb the Walruses, and we want to promote the conservation and protection of the Alaska Wilderness. A portion of the proceeds we earn from these trips are donated to the Alaska Conservation Foundation, with primary interest in protecting the oceans and wildlife of Alaska.

Price Includes:
• Field transportation to and from remote beach cabin, from Nelson Lagoon
• Field Transportation to and from Steelhead Creek
• Cabin lodging while Walrus Viewing
• Camp Site lodging at Steelhead Creek
• Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the duration of your trip, except dinner the day of your departure
• Knowledgeable private guide

Price Doesn’t include:
• Air transportation to and from Nelson Lagoon from Anchorage
• Alcoholic Beverages (BYOB)
• Personal use items
• Gratuities
• Fishing Licenses
• Dinner the day of your departure


Day 1- Arrive to remote cabin

 Once you arrive you will be provided field transportation to our remote cabin within walking distance of the walrus viewing area. A hot dinner will be prepared by the guide each evening, and we will pack cold lunches to bring along on our daily adventures. Upon arrival you should have plenty of sunlight left in the day, so you can expect your guide to lead you to the walruses once you have settled in! This is, after all, the land of the midnight sun! We will conveniently view and photograph from eye level on the beach, and from up above on the bluffs. While the walrus might be the main attraction, you will also enjoy the unique scenery of this remote location. Be sure to bring extra sim cards and batteries for your camera!

Day 2- Full day at remote cabin

Your guide will prepare a tasty breakfast before bringing you back to the walrus haul out. We hope our cozy cabin and the brisk Alaskan morning serve you well!  On your way to the haul out you can scan the beaches to find yourself some souvenirs such as sea shells, beach glass, sand dollars and glass balls! Consider bringing your writing utensils to sketch the scenery or to take notes on the fascinating walrus behaviors! While the walruses won’t even notice us, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them.  Aside from snapping photos and staring in awe, we challenge you to help us count the walruses and contribute to our research efforts! Tally counters will be provided. Your guide will bring you back to the cabin in the evening to begin dinner preparations. While you’re waiting for your meal, you might take some time to read some of our informational walrus books provided in the cabin.

Day 3- Depart for Steelhead Creek

Wake up and spend your last morning at our remote cabin before your departure to our camp site at Steelhead Creek. This is a good time to walk the terrain with a cup of coffee, breathing in the fresh Alaskan air and the one of a kind scent of the Bering Sea. Don’t forget to sign our guest book, and feel free to read back on comments from the people before you. Field transportation will be provided to our out of the way campsite on the Steelhead Creek, and you will arrive in the afternoon. This is a good day to explore the vast landscapes with your guide, and keep an eye out for bears! Go fishing along the lovely Steelhead Creek and ask your guide to cook you up your fresh catch for dinner!

Day 4- Full day at Steelhead Creek

With your full day at Steelhead, you will split up your time exploring the unique terrain, beachcombing, fishing the creek, and seeking out wildlife. While it’s not likely to be swarmed with bears, talk to our guide about seeking them out for viewing and picture taking. You might also see foxes strutting through the grass in search of berries, and caribou grazing about the nourishing land. As always, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided and prepared by the guide.

Day 5- Departure

Your final day at Steelhead Creek is a good time to take pictures and a morning stroll. Flights depart from Nelson Lagoon in the afternoon, requiring us to leave Steelhead Creek around 10:00 a.m. to ensure you have plenty of time to check-in at the Nelson Lagoon airport for your flight home. In this final day you will be provided breakfast and lunch.

This trip is easily customizable. Talk to us about editing this itinerary to meet your interests!