Can I create a custom Itinerary?

Customary trips are offered. Whether it be extending your trip or changing up your daily itinerary, contact us with inquiries and we will work hard to accommodate your interests.

What are the payment and cancellation policies?

Upon booking a trip, a 50% deposit is required. Full payment is due 60 days prior to your trip. If you book with us within the 60 day prior period, full payment will be required upon making your reservation.

Why should I get trip protection?

Most deposits and payments are non-refundable, so we strongly recommend that at least a minimum, basic trip insurance is purchased. This will protect your investments in case of unexpected cancelations for causes covered under your selected protection plan. If there is an issue, we will do our best to reschedule or transfer your funds to a different trip.

What if I have special diet requests?

Because we operate in remote areas and rural communities, we often have to fly in our own food supplies. If you are taking a multi-day hiking trip with us, you can expect your guide to be preparing your meals via portable jet boil. If you plan on spending time at one of our remote cabins or camp sites, you can expect your guide to prepare your meals over a convenient electric burner. Either way, everything on the menu will be pre packed and planned out. If you have specific diet requests or common allergies, we can most definitely accommodate you if you talk to us well in advance.

How does Alaska Adventure Travel rate the difficulty of their hikes?

The most important thing about choosing your hike is making sure it best suits you. We rate our hikes under three different categories- easy, moderate and difficult. Each hike is unique in its own way, which means they will have their own specific challenges and rewards. For more detailed information on specific routes, contact us with questions.

 – Easy: Not particularly strenuous overall, but still entails physical activity. These hikes  and/or walks are always along defined trails. Easy hikes may include steep ascents and descents in elevation, and hikers should be active and in good health.

– Moderate: Hikers should arrive in good physical condition. Moderate level hikes include on and off trail routes with frequent elevation ascents and descents. Rocky terrain is likely on these hikes, so hikers should have some experience in the mountains

– Difficult: Entails steeper and/or more rugged terrain where you can expect to break a constant sweat. We may ask you about your physical fitness to ensure you are up for the journey.