Our Commitment to Sustainability
Alaska Adventure Travel is committed to playing our part in the field by diligently practicing efforts to preserve the environment and cultures of our regions. However, in addition to our ecofriendly practices, we have committed ourselves to give back to reputable organizations that work hard to promote and preserve the things we value most. A portion of the proceeds gained from our trips go towards various regional organizations:

The Alaska Conservation Foundation is dedicated to sustaining the beautiful and rich environmental and cultural diversity that attracts so many people to our incredible state. Their numerous grants to strengthen conservation efforts in Alaska have contributed to the lives of locals and the place we call home. We want to support this foundation to ensure a bright future for Alaska, its people and its wildlife.

The Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska serves the Unangax̂ people, or Seasiders– the descendants of the original inhabitants of this rural Alaskan Island. Through their work, this tribe has proven its dedication to preserving the culture, language, history and environment of these indigenous people. Every year they hold their annual culture camp, Camp Qungaayux̂, where the youth of the region learn and practice their Unangan culture from skilled mentors.