Alaska Adventure Travel is an Alaskan owned tourism operation dedicated to spreading cultural and environmental awareness to our clients through unique vacations and tours. We offer small group expeditions to produce more personal and beneficial experiences, as well as to minimize our footprint on the pristine environments we visit.

Our destinations include much more than your typical bustling tourist locations. We take that extra step to bring you to the untouched and hidden Alaska. Our ties to the Aleutian Island communities give us access to private lands that are beyond expectation: imagine standing along the dramatic shores of the Bering Sea. The beach is speckled with sea glass and you catch yourself staring at that volcano on the horizon.

If Alaska is the Last Frontier, then the Aleutian Chain is the New Frontier of the Last Frontier! The unique scene of the Aleutians offers opportunities for educational and adventurous travel, which inspires you to truly experience this piece of the world rather than see it.

Why should you travel with AAT?

When you take a trip with Alaska Adventure Travel, you take on Aleutian adventures with spectacular views and cultural experiences. Our connection to these volcanic islands and it’s people allow us exclusive access to some of the most rural destinations in Alaska. Join our local guides and explore the Aleutians! If Alaska is the Last Frontier, then we are the New Frontier of the Last Frontier.

Mountain, Shoreline and Wildlife Tours; The undiscovered scene of the Aleutian Archipelago, offering opportunity for adventurous and educational travel.