Alaska Adventure Travel hosts excursions in the perfect location for your company’s next marketing production. As the operators of a southwestern Alaska tourism business, we have handled both photography and film productions for a variety of companies. Our close ties to the region make us the perfect choice when looking to travel to a remote area of Alaska for one-of-a-kind content. Listed below are some of the services AAT offers companies.

• Still photography for advertising and editorial
• Video capture
• Location scouting / planning
• Production support
• Lodging / food & beverage
• Transportation & Field guides

With over 15 years of experience operating in southwest Alaska, AAT is skilled at putting together the pieces to make your trip a success so you can focus on obtaining unforgettable media content. Let us handle the support work your crew needs and they can capture the images and footage to make the most of your project in Alaska.
Collaboration is the key to success in a logistically challenging environment like rural Alaska and even more for the Alaskan peninsula and Aleutian chain. If you have experience capturing content in Alaska, you are familiar with the challenges. When it comes to the southwestern region of Alaska, you will greatly appreciate our years of experience and well-developed list of contacts and resources.
If you are a company looking to set itself apart, Alaska is a hot topic right now and for good reason. The state is aptly named the ‘Last Frontier’ and for the southwest region this couldn’t be more correct. Our company has had the pleasure of working with some top brands conducting production work in Alaska. We have offered services to adventure and outdoors companies that have accessed our region’s landscapes for marketing productions and publications. Make plans today for your next media production in southwestern Alaska with Alaska Adventure Travel. References available upon request.