• Group size: 2 – 4
• Tour duration: 2 nights, 3 days
• Dates available: 2023 Season: June 3rd –July 14th• Price per person: $5,550

Price includes:
o Round trip air transportation to arranged destination
o Cabin lodgingo Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your trip
o Knowledgeable private guide

Price does not include:
o Alcoholic Beverages (BYOB)
o Personal use items
o Gratuities

Witness the ways of these immense creatures on a remote, small group expedition!

Walrus viewing on the Alaska Peninsula is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and our remote cabin puts you just one mile away from the show! Male walrus haul-out on these distant beaches every summer, lounging in-between their quests of foraging for food. The 3,000 lb. sociable creatures bellow and snort at one another while basking in the sun in a herd of hundreds. When you’re not viewing the walrus, the endless terrain and beaches will serve as an exciting adventure! Unlike much of Alaska, these lands are not home to trees, but wildflowers and green tundra blankets the hillsides every summer instead. Scan the beaches for seashells and glass balls, you might even spot additional Alaskan wildlife, like wolves, bears, foxes and birds!Alaska Adventure Travel is committed to conservation and will ensure that the walrus are not disturbed.

Day 1 – Arrival
You will be flown from Anchorage, AK to the region. Once you arrive you will be provided field transportation to our remote cabin that sits within walking distance of the walrus viewing area. A hot dinner will be prepared by your guide each evening, and they will pack cold lunches to bring along on our daily adventures. Upon arrival you should have plenty of sunlight left in the day, so you can expect your guide to lead you to the walrus once you have settled in! This is, after all, the land of the midnight sun! We can conveniently view and photograph from eye level on the beach, or from up above on the bluffs. While the walrus might be the main attraction, you will also enjoy the unique scenery of this remote location. This area is home to various populations of seabirds, so keep your eye open for the Kittiwake and Murre! Be sure to bring extra memory cards and batteries for your camera.

Day 2- Full day
Your guide will prepare a tasty breakfast before you begin your morning adventure back to the walrus haul out and we hope our cozy cabin and the brisk Alaskan morning serve you well! On your way to the haul out you can scan the beaches to find yourself some souvenirs such as seashells, beach glass, sand dollars and glass balls! Consider bringing your writing and art utensils to sketch the scenery or to take notes on the fascinating walrus behaviors! While the walrus won’t even notice us, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Close out the day with a hot meal and a beach bonfire on the Bering Sea.

Day 3 – Departure
Wake up and spend your last morning with us before your departure. This is a good time to walk the terrain with a cup of coffee, breathing in the fresh Alaskan air and the one of a kind scents of the Bering Sea. Don’t forget to sign our guest book, and feel free to read back on comments from the people before you. In this final day your guide will prepare breakfast, and you will be given a packed lunch. Before starting your exciting journey back to Anchorage.