• Group size: 2 – 4
• Tour duration: 4 nights, 3 guided days
• Price per person: $5850 (round-trip airfare from Anchorage)
• Dates available: 2020 Season
o Trip # 1 – July 17th – July 21rd
o Trip # 2 – July 21st – July 25th
o Trip # 3 – July 25th – July 29th
o Trip # 4 – July 29th – August 2nd
o Trip # 5 – August 2nd – August 6th
o Trip # 6 – August 6th- August 10th
o Trip # 7 – August 10th – August 14th

When you take a trip with Alaska Adventure Travel, you experience some the most rural destinations in Alaska. The undiscovered opportunities of Southwest Alaska are endless for the adventurous traveler…

Accommodations: Our ocean camp is an insulated, heated, solid platform constructed, weather port tent structure. Our guests sleep in comfortable beds, with a full complement of linens, comforters, blankets and pillows. A small, quiet generator along with solar panels provides electricity. The beach camp has a shower facility with on demand hot and cold running water and what might be the nicest outhouse in the state. This camp is very well designed with your warmth and comfort in mind.
Dining here is casual, meals are served family style. We work very hard to provide a wide variety of meals throughout the week. A typical breakfast may include: eggs to order, hash browns, ham/ bacon/ sausage, fruit, pancakes and oatmeal. Our lunch items are basic and generally consist of soup and sandwiches. Items on our dinner menu may include but not limited to; prime rib, salmon, steaks, halibut and chicken. All meals served are hearty and delicious. We always strive to accommodate all dietary needs.

Day 1 – Departure day
Depart Anchorage in the A.M. by plane heading 640 miles SW to the village of Nelson Lagoon. Guide will meet aircraft and clients at air field and then head by ATV 30 miles on the beach to the Steelhead creek camp. Get settled in at camp and relax before dinner after a long day of travel.

Day 2 – Coastal Adventure
Get ready for an exciting full day of guided fishing on several different creeks that feed into the Bering Sea. Take in the remoteness of the Bristol bay shoreline. Spend the day searching for wildlife and getting some amazing pictures both via ATVs and walking along the beach and exploring the creeks

Day 3 – Flightseeing and beach exploring
Depart the Steelhead creek camp after breakfast and head back to town for a flight seeing tour of the area’s sites highlighted by a walrus haul out. After the flight head back to camp for some fossil finding, wildlife viewing and exploration.
Day 4 – Steelhead Creek Camp
Start the day by loading up in the ATV and let the exploration continue as you drive south towards a large seal haul out. This day is great for wildlife and beach combing on the shores of the Bering Sea.
Day 5 – Departure day
After Breakfast pack up for your ATV ride back to Nelson Lagoon to meet the aircraft to return to Anchorage.
This destination adventure will give you a well-rounded experience of remote Alaska. Enjoy guided wildlife viewing, flight-seeing, fishing, beach combing and exploring. Observe the native community using sustainable lifestyle practices. This is your chance for a once in-a-lifetime great Alaskan bush adventure, the new frontier of the last frontier!

*All trips and itineraries are subject to weather